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cry for the dream

Soldiers of Stardust
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Gaze of the Stars

So, you were browsing the net and happened upon this journal, right? Great. You're probably wondering just what the heck it is. Also great. You're probably going to be seriously disappointed, though, when I tell you to get lost 'cause you're wasting your time. That isn't so great.

Allow me a to explain: basically, this is a journal shared by a bunch of guys who have more time on their hands than they'd like to admit. For the most part, we're normal young men who were roped into this by our significant others and now we can't con our way out of this thing even if we wanted to. And to be honest? We don't really want to. It's kind of fun, in a weird journal-keeping of way. Something none of us have ever done before, until now.

This baby's Friends Locked for a reason - one I'm sorry to say I can't tell you, 'cause then I'd have to kill you. No, seriously. If you friend us, no, we won't friend you back. It's nothing personal though, I promise. Or maybe it is. Who really knows?

Now that that's been explained, I'd hit the back button if I were you and go find some other random stranger's journal to stalk.

It's the five of us,
pretty eyed boys girls die to trust.